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The PMBOK® Guide can be enhanced from a mere framework to a potent tool in a project manager’s toolkit. Although some may jest that there are only three ways to manage projects — the right way, the wrong way, and the PMBOK® way — in reality, it all depends on the methodology you adopt.

The PMBOK® Guide is a standard established through consensus that many project management practitioners consider extremely beneficial in creating an efficient methodology. However, the question remains: how can a project manager best employ the insights provided by the PMBOK® Guide in a real-world project setting? This book could offer a solution.

Essentially, it serves as a «guide for the guide,» providing a roadmap for utilizing the tools outlined in the PMBOK® Guide to match the particularities and demands of your organization or project. By bringing the PMBOK® Guide to Life: A Companion for the Practicing Project Manager, a connection is established between the PMBOK® Guide and the prevalent needs of present-day project managers.

Bringing the PMBOK Guide to Life.
A Companion for the Practicing Project Manager

The book provides detailed explanations and expansions on certain methods, vocabulary, and tool applications that empower project managers to adapt the principles and procedures outlined in the PMBOK® Guide to the real-world context of project management. The readers will discover suggested strategies for implementing project management tools and techniques, along with templates derived directly from the PMBOK® Guide’s information.

Apart from the valuable insights on adapting PMBOK® Guide’s principles and processes to practical project management, the book offers additional resources to aid readers in their preparation for the PMP exam. It presents suggestions and study tips to enhance exam readiness and improve the chances of success.

Furthermore, the book provides a Project Plan Accelerator (PPA) that can be utilized by project managers and teams in tandem with the PMBOK® Guide. The PPA helps develop customized plans that cater to the unique requirements of your team, clients, and sponsoring organization. This tool serves as an efficient accelerator to plan creation, eliminating the need for starting from scratch and saving time and resources.

Authored by two distinguished professionals in the industry, Bringing the PMBOK® to Life offers valuable assistance to project managers in converting the tools and techniques outlined in the PMBOK® Guide into practical, pragmatic methods of managing a project.

It presents actionable advice that enables project managers to streamline their processes and maximize project success.

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